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I create lean websites for Central PA.

Lean websites solve problems through purposeful design and sustainable strategies.

This translates into better usability, faster loading times, and higher SEO rankings - while minimizing any negative impact on the environment.

Let's create a website that is both user and environmentally friendly, together.

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What to Expect:

Welcome Chat
Video or in-person chat to discuss project goals.
Research & Design
I will research best practices for your industry, research your competitors, and develop a solution to accomplish your project goals.
Set in Motion Chat
I will present research and design deliverables during a video or in-person chat to gain approval to move on to development.
I build out the agreed upon solutions, ensuring all designs are accessible and sustainable.
Launch & Post-Launch
All final files will be delivered and we will have a final meeting to ensure satisfaction.
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A. Catherine Photography Homepage

The Client

Launched 2016, A. Catherine Photography is a freelance photography service that captures beautiful moments.

The mission of its founder, Anna Glover, is to capture and share the beauty she discovers in the world.

The Challenge

A. Catherine Photography needed a platform to unite their online presence.

This needed to include one central place to showcase their work, book clients, and promote collaboration.

The Approach

After our first discovery session with the client, we knew our design would have to be bold to match the client's voice.

Sketch of site layout

Due to the amount of high quality photographs that would be on the site, we had to keep our code lean and purposeful to maintain smooth loading.


Marcellus | Cairo


The Results

Launch the site

Our final deliverables included a website portfolio and custom QR code.

The client has increased bookings by 300% and increased their local presence through collaboration.

Sketch of Service card


"There is no lag time at all. Each page loads immediately, the images are so crisp! I can't believe it's my work! T.A.STEVENS killed it!!!"

Vino Restaurant Homepage

The Client

Vino serves authentic Italian dishes in an upscale atmosphere. They offer a variety of wines to pair with your meal.

The Challenge

Vino was using social media to connect with their customers and didn't have an official website.

Research showed their competitors all have a solid online identity. To stay competitive, Vino needed to establish their online presence.

The Approach

I chose a traditional layout to compliment the authentic dishes. The design was kept lean and meant to highlight the menu.

The fonts and colors were chosen to convey an elegant and formal voice.


Marcellus | Verdana


The Results

Launch the site

Our final deliverables included a website that includes a menu, contact form, and testimonials.

CRStevens Design Logo

The Client

Launched 2021, CRStevens Design offers handcrafted home decor and gifts.

The mission of its founder, Casey Stevens, is to create unique art that is witty and inclusive.

The Challenge

CRStevens Design primarily sells their pieces at vendor events. To draw in customers they needed branded advertising materials, for both print and web.

The Approach

We needed to create a logo and banner that could be used online and as booth signage to present a unified identity.

Business card mockup


Cronos Semibold | Cronos Light


The Results

View live designs

Our final deliverables included a logo and a banner to represent CRStevens Design to their customers.

CRStevens Design vendor sign
Cover of Meva Goes to the Moon

The Client

During my course eBooks, eDocs, & ePublishing at Harrisburg Area Community College, I was assigned a project to write, illustrate, and self-publish a children's book.

The Challenge

The book had to be 28 pages and completed within 16 days. The book also had to be formatted for both print and eBook format.

The book had to be engaging for children ages 4 - 7, while adhering to industry standards for word count.

The Approach

I started with writing a rough draft of a story. I then designed illustrations that visualized the story, using Illustrator. I used InDesign to organize the illustrations into book format and added in the story copy.

Creation of book characters

Once the book was completed, I self-published it in print and eBook format using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.


Cooper Std | Calibri


The Results

View the book

Our final deliverables included the children's book formatted for print and eBook format.

Meva Goes to the Moon book


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